“Top 2017 Movies to See”

Best Reviewed Movies of 2017.
Everyone loves seeing an excellent film at the movie theater. It transforms your mind into a totally different world, especially when it’s perfectly scripted. When trying to figure out which movie you’d like to view, it helps to check the reviews. See what others thought about it and if you might enjoy that movie as well. There are many websites in which to check out the latest reviews on all types of films. Find out about every movie that’s in theaters today, from action adventure to animated shows.

Top 2017 Animated Films.
This year there are numerous movies to see with your family.

Such As:
* Blazing Samurai
* Cars 3
* Coco
* Despicable Me 3
* Ferdinand

Blazing Samurai.

This fun loving animated film features the voices of Mel Brooks, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Cera, and various other celebrities. Centered around the 1974 western age, it’s a comedy about a young pup named Hank who strives to become a samurai. After meeting up with Jimbo, he learns the true art of being a samurai. Children who’ve a love of the martial arts are sure to enjoy “Blazing Samurai”, soon to be in theaters this August.

Cars 3.

That’s right folks there is a sequel to everyone’s favorite Pixar animated film “Cars”. Featuring all of the same characters as the original, “Cars 3” is in 3D this time. After suffering a terrifying wreck, Lightning McQueen wants to step down from racing for good. However he becomes motivated to try out for the Florida 500 race with some assistance from racing tech Cruz Ramirez. This family fun movie is supposed to be released on June 16, 2017.


Another terrific animated movie is “Coco”, which you can enjoy in a theater starting November 22, 2017. Miguel aspires to become a famous musician despite his family’s against it. While traveling through the “Land of the Dead” Miguel sets out to prove his musical abilities. Teaming up with Hector, the duo set out on a fascinating journey together. This comedy adventure is sure to brighten a child’s day.

Despicable Me 3..

An all time favorite children’s film got to be “Despicable Me” and now the sequel is set to premiere on June 30, 2017. Both kids and adults will truly enjoy this animated 3D movie. Steve Carell is the voice of well known character Felonious Gru. Who’s up against childhood actor Balthazar Bratt. After leaving show business as a kid Bratt seeks to become the character in which he portrayed.


Professional wrestler John Cena plays the voice of Ferdinand the Spanish fighting bull. Who prefers smelling fragrant flowers over pursuing matadors entering the arena. This side splitting comedy will have everyone laughing in their seats. Ferdinand is scheduled for release in theaters on December 15, 2017.
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The Best Upcoming 2017 Films for Adults.
You’ll find that 2017 has tons of fabulous movies coming out.

Such As:
* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
* Going in Style
* Chips
* Spider-Man: Homecoming
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
The year 2017 is bringing about many sequels to some of Hollywood’s world famous movies. Like the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. That’s right Johnny Depp comes back as “Captain Jack Sparrow”. After catching a glimpse of a wanted poster of Jack, Salazar tells Henry to pass along a message of pending doom. while trying to rob a bank, the captain comes upon Carina Smith who’s just escaped from prison. If you liked the other Pirates of the Caribbean films you’ll really love this one. It’s full of action and adventure, a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Which is already out in theaters everywhere.

Going in Style.
Recently released comedy “Going in Style” is truly hilarious. Old time pals Joe, Albert, and Willie go in search to find some bank robbers. Who held it up while Joe was making a bank transaction and happened to witness the occurrence. Amongst their travels the trio of friends have many fun filled adventures. Featuring numerous famous celebrities, such as Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

For those with a love for the 70’s TV series “Chips”, you’ll find the newly released movie a hit. Ponch and Jon travel across the desert as two California Highway Patrol officers. Restoring humanity while fighting crime, it really brings back memories.

Spider-Man: Homecoming.
There have been several sequels, however none can compare to “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Which premieres on July 7, 2017.